not the frst, not the lst. not the ftr, nor the pst


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…a 13 song serialized album of electronic music released in the year 2013 and beyond. One song was digitally released each month for 13 months.

Through the project I intended to explore various dichotomies: that of acoustic versus synthetic sound, calming versus frenetic tempos, building discordant tension versus gratifying harmonic resolution. The span of a year long production cycle, changes in season, changes in mood, were the emotional catalyst for each month’s release.

Users were able to register and purchase a subscription to the project as it was developed. Imagine buying an album and following its narrative as it is being written, as you would a serialized novel or comic book.

The final song was released on 01.13.14.

Supported in part by the American Composers Forum through the
2012 Minnesota Emerging Composer Award funded by the Jerome Foundation.
Album design by thealphastate.